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Bicycling is permitted at the refuge on the Pondicherry Rail Trail and the Presidential Rail Trail, both former railroad beds.  Start at either the Airport Road parking lot or on Route 115A where the Presidential Rail Trail crosses the road (see the Directions page for details).  The entire route is about 8 ½ miles round-trip and is very scenic, passing by Cherry Pond and through Moorhen and Cedar Marshes.  In 2020, the trail was graded and resurfaced with ledgepack, making for smooth riding.

If a shorter ride is desired, out-and-back from the Airport Road parking lot to the Tudor Richards Viewing Platform on Cherry Pond is just over 3 miles.  This is a good choice for families cycling with young children, and the platform is a nice spot for a snack or lunch.  An extended ride can be done by continuing east on the Presidential Rail Trail past the gate on Route 115A and riding towards Randolph and Gorham.  A good description of the entire trail from Pondicherry to Gorham can be found in the book New Hampshire Rail Trails (2nd edition) by Charles F. Martin, published in 2016 by Branch Line Press.

In addition to being part of the Presidential Rail Trail, the rail trail though Pondicherry is also part of the Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail, which runs 83 miles across northern New Hampshire.


NOTE:  The Presidential Rail Trail is also known as the Presidential Range Recreation Trail.

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